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Secret Meeting For Bankers In New York

A New Digital Cash System Was Just Unveiled At A Secret Meeting For Bankers In New York

We don’t see the international community taking concrete actions

i-8QW4F6H-MISIS Kidnaps Christian Sisters, They Rape And Torture Them To Death, Cut Up Their Bodies And Put Them In A Bucket And Then Send Their Parents The Bucket With Their Dead Bodies And A Video Of Them Being Tortured To Death

More savagery from the “Islamic State.” Yet America and the West continues their apathetic non-action against them because we do not care about Christians, women, girls, or persecuted minorities at all. And yet, these Christian still forgive those who are murdering them. 
These women and children are ignored and forgotten by the West, but not by God, who is infinitely merciful but also infinitely just, and whose wrath against not only ISIS for its actions, but for the intentional lack of action by the West in the face of this evil:
Screen-Shot-2015-08-16-at-11.47.15-AMThe Catholic News Agency described the stories shared by human rights activists at the #WeAreN2016 international congress on religious freedom as “graphic, brutal and raw.”
“One account told of a couple whose children had been captured by ISIS militants. When they answered their door one day, they found a plastic bag on their doorstep. It contained the body parts of their daughters and a video of them being raped and tortured,” the report described.
Another account shared that IS fighters in Mosul, Iraq, came to the house of a Christian woman, threatening her to leave or pay the jizya tax.
Before the woman could leave the house with her daughter, who was in the shower at the time, the militants torched the house, burning the daughter alive.
The girl reportedly died in her mother’s arms, with her last words being “Forgive them.”
A Yazidi teenage girl, 15-year-old Samia Sleman, spoke about her six months in IS captivity, revealing that there are thousands of women and girls being held as sex slaves by the extremists.
What is more, the jihadists rape girls as young as 7 years of age, and force them to convert to Islam.
“Why are these innocent kids and these innocent people suffering this much in that region?” Sleman asked.
“Why don’t we see any action being taken? Even though it’s been over a year and a half now, we’ve seen horrible things happen to us minorities, especially Yazidis and Christians, in that region, and we don’t see the international community taking concrete actions against the Islamic State.”


Trump: Newt Gingrich Drops A BOMBSHELL

Newt Gingrich Drops A BOMBSHELL: ‘All 50 States Could Be In Play’ For Trump If He Does THIS

“It could be a very different election than anyone expects."

The Republican who changed the course of the Bill Clinton presidency by turning the 1994 mid-term elections into a national referendum on liberal policies is seeing a new chance for Republicans to turn the 2016 election into a national referendum on the future of the country.
And Newt Gingrich — the former speaker of the House in the 1990s who returned to the political stage in 2012 to challenge Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination — argues that Donald Trump is just the candidate to do it.
In a lengthy video posted to Facebook on the eve of Tuesday’s crucial Indiana Republican primary, the avowed Trump supporter predicted the brash billionaire could make the 2016 election a watershed moment in American politics by turning a state-by-state contest into a national showdown.
“If Trump runs as aggressive a campaign as he has in the primaries, all 50 states could be in play,” Gingrich said. “It could be a very different election than anyone expects.”

The major difference Gingrich sees playing out this year is the ubiquitous nature of social media, which makes it possible for a candidate with the kind of momentum Trump has exhibited to motivate supporters across the political spectrum, even in deep blue states like California and New York.
That, he said, could have “Democrats on defensive virtually everywhere in the country. Particularly if Trump decides to go big.”
Is there anyone watching the 2016 contest so far – Trump supporter or opponent – who doubts that the man will go big?
Answering questions from Facebook viewers, Gingrich expounded on the theme. The unexpectedly strong challenge Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has mounted to Hillary Clinton’s nomination for the Democrats only underscores the former secretary of state’s vulnerability in a general election, he said.
If Clinton does eventually secure the nomination — which appears to be a sure bet at this point — the young people who turned out for Sanders in state after state could well find their way into the Trump camp come Election Day, Gingrich said.
Trump has said the same thing as TPNN reported.
Clinton’s ongoing email scandal, her deep and embarrassing (for a Democrat) ties to the financial world, and the continuing cloud that hangs over the global money laundering operation known as the Clinton Foundation will make it impossible for her to count on former Sanders’ supporters, Gingrich pointed out.
“There will be a lot of Democrats out there looking for someone to go to,” he predicted.
And that “someone” could well be former reality-television star and real estate billionaire Donald Trump.
That means even Republicans who have opposed Trump in the primary season need to get on board for the general election, Gingrich said.
“I tell all the folks who have the ‘Never Trump’ sign, they need to replace it with a ‘Never Hillary’ sign,” said the former House speaker.
He might be telling a lot of people that between now and November.

What has America become?

Small town newspaper article hits nail on the head . . . priceless!
Where Is Tawas City, MI ?
It is on Lake Huron and has a population of just over 2,000!!

Ken Huber
Tawas City MI

Cruz VS Trump now over

'Lyin’ Ted Has Become Dyin’ Ted: However, Trump Just Entered the Danger Zone

By |May 4th, 2016

Trump may have won the nomination, but his darkest days lie ahead. Listen to Dave Hodges encapsulate the dangers that potentially lie ahead for the GOP Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, in this 7 minute no-holds-barred report.

Published on May 3, 2016

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


EFF With Rule 41, Little-Known Committee Proposes to Grant New Hacking Powers to the Government

April 30, 2016

EFF With Rule 41, Little-Known Committee Proposes to Grant New Hacking Powers to the Government
The government hacking into phones and seizing computers remotely? It’s not the plot of a dystopian blockbuster summer movie. It’s a proposal from an obscure committee that proposes changes to court procedures—and if we do nothing, it will go into effect in December.
The proposal comes from the advisory committee on criminal rules for the Judicial Conference of the United States. The amendment would update Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, creating a sweeping expansion of law enforcement’s ability to engage in hacking and surveillance. The Supreme Court just passed the proposal to Congress, which has until December 1 to disavow the change or it becomes the rule governing every federal court across the country.  This is part of a statutory process through which federal courts may create new procedural rules, after giving public notice and allowing time for comment, under a “rules enabling act.”1
The Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure set the ground rules for federal criminal prosecutions. The rules cover everything from correcting clerical errors in a judgment to which holidays a court will be closed on—all the day-to-day procedural details that come with running a judicial system.
The key word here is “procedural.”  By law, the rules and proposals are supposed to be procedural and must not change substantive rights.
But the amendment to Rule 41 isn’t procedural at all. It creates new avenues for government hacking that were never approved by Congress.
The proposal would grant a judge the ability to issue a warrant to remotely access, search, seize, or copy data when “the district where the media or information is located has been concealed through technological means” or when the media are on protected computers that have been “damaged without authorization and are located in five or more districts.” It would grant this authority to any judge in any district where activities related to the crime may have occurred.
To understand all the implications of this rule change, let’s break this into two segments.
The first part of this change would grant authority to practically any judge to issue a search warrant to remotely access, seize, or copy data relevant to a crime when a computer was using privacy-protective tools to safeguard one's location. Many different commonly used tools might fall into this category. For example, people who use Tor, folks running a Tor node, or people using a VPN would certainly be implicated. It might also extend to people who deny access to location data for smartphone apps because they don’t feel like sharing their location with ad networks. It could even include individuals who change the country setting in an online service, like folks who change the country settings of their Twitter profile in order to read uncensored Tweets.
There are countless reasons people may want to use technology to shield their privacy. From journalists communicating with sources to victims of domestic violence seeking information on legal services, people worldwide depend on privacy tools for both safety and security. Millions of people who have nothing in particular to hide may also choose to use privacy tools just because they’re concerned about government surveillance of the Internet, or because they don’t like leaving a data trail around haphazardly.
If this rule change is not stopped, anyone who is using any technological means to safeguard their location privacy could find themselves suddenly in the jurisdiction of a prosecutor-friendly or technically-naïve judge, anywhere in the country.
The second part of the proposal is just as concerning. It would grant authorization to a judge to issue a search warrant for hacking, seizing, or otherwise infiltrating computers that may be part of a botnet. This means victims of malware could find themselves doubly infiltrated: their computers infected with malware and used to contribute to a botnet, and then government agents given free rein to remotely access their computers as part of the investigation. Even with the best of intentions, a government agent could well cause as much or even more harm to a computer through remote access than the malware that originally infected the computer. Malicious actors may even be able to hijack the malware the government uses to infiltrate botnets, because the government often doesn't design its malware securely. Government access to the computers of botnet victims also raises serious privacy concerns, as a wide range of sensitive, unrelated personal data could well be accessed during the investigation. This is a dangerous expansion of powers, and not something to be granted without any public debate on the topic.
Make no mistake: the Rule 41 proposal implicates people well beyond U.S. borders. This update expands the jurisdiction of judges to cover any computer user in the world who is using technology to protect their location privacy or is unwittingly part of a botnet. People both inside and outside of the United States should be equally concerned about this proposal.
The change to Rule 41 isn’t merely a procedural update.  It significantly expands the hacking capabilities of the United States government without any discussion or public debate by elected officials. If members of the intelligence community believe these tools are necessary to advancing their investigations, then this is not the path forward. Only elected members of Congress should be writing laws, and they should be doing so in a matter that considers the privacy, security, and civil liberties of people impacted.
Rule 41 seeks to sidestep the legislative process while making sweeping sacrifices in our security. Congress should reject the proposal completely.
Read EFF and Access Now’s joint testimony on Rule 41.

  • 1. See 28 U.S.C. § 2073


EXCLUSIVE: The infamous Romanian hacker known as “Guccifer,” speaking exclusively with Fox News, claimed he easily – and repeatedly – breached former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s personal email server in early 2013.
"For me, it was easy ... easy for me, for everybody," Marcel Lehel Lazar, who goes by the moniker "Guccifer," told Fox News from a Virginia jail where he is being held.
Guccifer’s potential role in the Clinton email investigation was first reported by Fox News last month. The hacker subsequently claimed he was able to access the server – and provided extensive details about how he did it and what he found – over the course of a half-hour jailhouse interview and a series of recorded phone calls with Fox News.
Fox News could not independently confirm Lazar’s claims.
In response to Lazar’s claims, the Clinton campaign issued a statement  Wednesday night saying, "There is absolutely no basis to believe the claims made by this criminal from his prison cell. In addition to the fact he offers no proof to support his claims, his descriptions of Secretary Clinton's server are inaccurate. It is unfathomable that he would have gained access to her emails and not leaked them the way he did to his other victims.”
The former secretary of state’s server held nearly 2,200 emails containing information now deemed classified, and another 22 at the “Top Secret” level.
The latest headlines on the 2016 elections from the biggest name in politics. See Latest Coverage →
The 44-year-old Lazar said he first compromised Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal's AOL account, in March 2013, and used that as a stepping stone to the Clinton server. He said he accessed Clinton’s server “like twice,” though he described the contents as “not interest[ing]” to him at the time.
“I was not paying attention. For me, it was not like the Hillary Clinton server, it was like an email server she and others were using with political voting stuff," Guccifer said.
The hacker spoke freely with Fox News from the detention center in Alexandria, Va., where he’s been held since his extradition to the U.S. on federal charges relating to other alleged cyber-crimes. Wearing a green jumpsuit, Lazar was relaxed and polite in the monitored secure visitor center, separated by thick security glass.
In describing the process, Lazar said he did extensive research on the web and then guessed Blumenthal’s security question. Once inside Blumenthal's account, Lazar said he saw dozens of messages from the Clinton email address.
Asked if he was curious about the address, Lazar merely smiled. Asked if he used the same security question approach to access the Clinton emails, he said no – then described how he allegedly got inside.
“For example, when Sidney Blumenthal got an email, I checked the email pattern from Hillary Clinton, from Colin Powell from anyone else to find out the originating IP. … When they send a letter, the email header is the originating IP usually,” Lazar explained.
He said, “then I scanned with an IP scanner."
Lazar  emphasized that he used readily available web programs to see if the server was “alive” and which ports were open. Lazar identified programs like netscan, Netmap, Wireshark and Angry IP, though it was not possible to confirm independently which, if any, he used.
In the process of mining data from the Blumenthal account, Lazar said he came across evidence that others were on the Clinton server.
"As far as I remember, yes, there were … up to 10, like, IPs from other parts of the world,” he said.
With no formal computer training, he did most of his hacking from a small Romanian village.
Lazar said he chose to use "proxy servers in Russia," describing them as the best, providing anonymity.
Cyber experts who spoke with Fox News said the process Lazar described is plausible. The federal indictment Lazar faces in the U.S. for cyber-crimes specifically alleges he used "a proxy server located in Russia" for the Blumenthal compromise.
Each Internet Protocol (IP) address has a unique numeric code, like a phone number or home address.  The Democratic presidential front-runner’s home-brew private server was reportedly installed in her home in Chappaqua, N.Y., and used for all U.S. government business during her term as secretary of state.
Former State Department IT staffer Bryan Pagliano, who installed and maintained the server, has been granted immunity by the Department of Justice and is cooperating with the FBI in its ongoing criminal investigation into Clinton’s use of the private server. An intelligence source told Fox News last month that Lazar also could help the FBI make the case that Clinton’s email server may have been compromised by a third party.
Asked what he would say to those skeptical of his claims, Lazar cited “the evidence you can find in the Guccifer archives as far as I can remember."
Writing under his alias Guccifer, Lazar released to media outlets in March 2013 multiple exchanges between Blumenthal and Clinton. They were first reported by the Smoking Gun.
It was through the Blumenthal compromise that the accounts were first publicly revealed.
As recently as this week, Clinton said neither she nor her aides had been contacted by the FBI about the criminal investigation. Asked whether the server had been compromised by foreign hackers, she told MSNBC on Tuesday, “No, not at all.”
Recently extradited, Lazar faces trial Sept. 12 in the Eastern District of Virginia. He has pleaded not guilty to a nine-count federal indictment for his alleged hacking crimes in the U.S. Victims are not named in the indictment but reportedly include Colin Powell, a member of the Bush family and others including Blumenthal.
Lazar spoke extensively about Blumenthal’s account, noting his emails were “interesting” and had information about “the Middle East and what they were doing there.”
After first writing to the accused hacker on April 19, Fox News accepted two collect calls from him, over a seven-day period, before meeting with him in person at the jail. During these early phone calls, Lazar was more guarded.
After the detention center meeting, Fox News conducted additional interviews by phone and, with Lazar's permission, recorded them for broadcast.
While Lazar's claims cannot be independently verified, three computer security specialists, including two former senior intelligence officials, said the process described is plausible and the Clinton server, now in FBI custody, may have an electronic record that would confirm or disprove Guccifer’s claims.
"This sounds like the classic attack of the late 1990s. A smart individual who knows the tools and the technology and is looking for glaring weaknesses in Internet-connected devices," Bob Gourley, a former chief technology officer (CTO) for the Defense Intelligence Agency, said.
Gourley, who has worked in cybersecurity for more than two decades, said the programs cited to access the server can be dual purpose. "These programs are used by security professionals to make sure systems are configured appropriately. Hackers will look and see what the gaps are, and focus their energies on penetrating a system," he said.
Cybersecurity expert Morgan Wright observed, "The Blumenthal account gave [Lazar] a road map to get to the Clinton server. ... You get a foothold in one system. You get intelligence from that system, and then you start to move."
In March, the New York Times reported the Clinton server security logs showed no evidence of a breach.  On whether the Clinton security logs would show a compromise, Wright made the comparison to a bank heist: "Let’s say only one camera was on in the bank. If you don‘t have them all on, or the right one in the right locations, you won’t see what you are looking for.”
Gourley said the logs may not tell the whole story and the hard drives, three years after the fact, may not have a lot of related data left. He also warned: "Unfortunately, in this community, a lot people make up stories and it's hard to tell what's really true until you get into the forensics information and get hard facts.”
For Lazar, a plea agreement where he cooperates in exchange for a reduced sentence would be advantageous. He told Fox News he has nothing to hide and wants to cooperate with the U.S. government, adding that he has hidden two gigabytes of data that is “too hot” and “it is a matter of national security.”
In early April, at the time of Lazar’s extradition from a Romanian prison where he already was serving a seven-year sentence for cyber-crimes, a former senior FBI official said the timing was striking.
“Because of the proximity to Sidney Blumenthal and the activity involving Hillary’s emails, [the timing] seems to be something beyond curious,” said Ron Hosko, former assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division from 2012-2014.
The FBI offered no statement to Fox News.
There was no immediate response from the Clinton campaign.

Obama sips on Flint water, declares it ‘drinkable’ But at first he didn't know....

I peed in that water!
I seriously really did! I was at the dam at Holloway reservoir! 

Enjoy it Obummer! 


Disgruntled employee shoots 2 at Texas company

KATY, Texas — Authorities say a recently fired employee opened fire at a transportation company in Houston, killing one employee and injuring another before fatally shooting himself.
Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman said during a news conference Wednesday that the gunman had been fired earlier in the day, then returned with a gun to the Knight Transportation office in Katy, about 20 miles west of Houston.
Hickman said the man opened fire, killing one person and injuring another. Hickman said the man then shot himself.
The sheriff didn’t release the name of the gunman or the victims.
Numerous patrol vehicles were surrounding the facility. A nearby high school was on lockdown as a precaution.
A message left with Phoenix-based Knight Transportation wasn’t immediately returned. The company provides truckload transportation services.

A disturbing comment I found on Dave Hodges website... Bank runs starting?

Dave, could you analyze why suddenly banks are holding our payroll checks for 10 days? I’ve been with my bank for over 10 years and I’ve been depositing the same payroll check, drawn on the same bank with the same employers for over 5 years and this month they put a hold on the check. Out of the over $4,000 that should be in my account, my check plus my previous balance, they made less $200 available to me. I did a search on the Internet and this happening to everyone. I’m not a spring chicken — it hasn’t always been this way. In fact, I spent over 10 years of my life as a bank teller and I never routinely put holds on any checks. My bank is not one of the mega-banks. It’s a local bank to two states.
Is this more of the conditioning, just like when they demanded to know where you were spending the money you were withdrawing?

This could be the start!  ~Freewill 

Navy SEAL takes on Hundreds of Islamic State Muslims - Dies Defending Christian Village in Iraq

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." –John 15:13
A US Navy SEAL has been killed in the Iraqi town of Tel Asqof. He was serving as an advisor to the Kurdish Peshmerga when he was killed during an Islamic State assault "on a Peshmerga position approximately three to five kilometers behind the forward line of troops," according to a Pentagon press statement.
RT reports:
US Defense Secretary Ash Carter says an American service member has been killed in Iraq. A statement from the US-led forces in Iraq added the fatality was "a result of enemy fire."

"It is a combat death, of course. And a very sad loss," the senior official told reporters at a press conference in Germany.
The death of the SEAL was also announced via the Operation Inherent Resolve Twitter account:
Theodore Shoebat elaborated on the fight and the death of the SEAL.
"Four hundred Muslims attacked the Christian village of Teleskof in Iraq, and one American Navy SEAL fought them off to protect his fellow Christians," Shoebat wrote. "This is a story of true valor and honor. He was in the village to assist local Kurdish fighters, but he most definitely was there to defend his brethren against the Muslim heretics. According to reports, the firefight was very intense. The terrorists, all ISIS members, commenced the attack by sending in two suicide bombers who detonated themselves upon entering the village. As the fight was occurring, a Muslim sniper aimed at the SEAL and shot him, and he is now a martyr."

Shoebat also included video footage from a distance of some of the fight that took place in Tel Asqof and commented, "The people who made the film above were a part of Dwekh Nasha, a Christian militia who has been fighting ISIS. We at actually interviewed the one who trained Dwekh Nawsha and transformed it into a serious fighting force. His name is Brett Felton.
We also reported on Felton back in 2015.

His efforts have not gone unnoticed. Other Americans' efforts have been vital in helping the Peshmerga against the Islamic State and saving their people, while at the same time living out and presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Peshmerga have stepped in to fill the gap that was left by the cowardly Iraqi military, who left US supplied weapons and Humvees for the Islamic State to capture when they were being overrun.
While Reuters reported that there have been attempts to penetrate Peshmerga lines by vehicles laden with explosives and suicide bombers, The New American reminds us of why this is an issue.
Though Saddam was certainly no humanitarian, the thousands of Christians and other minorities who have fled Mosul and surrounding areas for a safe haven in Kurdistan to escape from ISIS were allowed to live peacefully under his regime.

It is safe to say that, had the United States left Saddam Hussein in place, ISIS would never have gained such dominance in the region.

The interventionist foreign policy that began under George W. Bush was continued under Barack Obama, compounding the problem. As was noted in an article posted by The New American on June 15, 2014: "Over the last week, al-Qaeda-linked jihadists styling themselves the 'Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant' (ISIS) receiving weapons and taxpayer funding from the Obama administration in Syria have seized control in wide swaths of Iraq."

Our government continues to spend money and lives in Iraq and Syria as we write, and this latest death of a brave American will surely not be the last.

The May 3rd death of the SEAL is the third combat casualty since Obama unconstitutionally redeployed US troops back into Iraq in 2014.

Hillary Busted Destroying Hard Drives and Documents – Money Trail Found (Video)

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton joked smugly when asked if she wiped her server clean, ‘like with a cloth or something?’ was her exact reply, insulting the intelligence of the American people. 



 It has now been revealed that American Document Destruction, Inc., a company that specializes in the destruction of hard drives, has received multiple payments from her campaign.

Free Beacon reports The Hillary Clinton campaign made multiple payments to a company that specializes in hard drive and document destruction, campaign finance records show.
The payments, which were recorded in February and March of 2016, went to the Nevada-based American Document Destruction, Inc., which claims expertise in destroying hard drives or “anything else that a hard drive can come from.”
“Our hard drive destruction procedures take place either at your site or at our secure facility in Sparks, NV,” the company’s website states. “This decision is yours to decide based on cost and convenience to you. In either situation, the hard drive will be destroyed by a shredding.”
“We have a dedicated machine for hard drive destruction,” the website continues. “We will also record the serial numbers of all drives to be destroyed to be kept in our records. A copy of this log can be provided to you as well.”

The routine services section of the site says that the company operates in 26 areas in Nevada and California, including Reno, Virginia City, Sparks, Tahoe City, and Carson City.
“Our equipment is powerful. Whether you require ON SITE or OFF SITE service, performed at our Sparks facility, large volumes can be quickly destroyed regardless of staples, clips or fasteners,” the site says. “Office paper, folders, binders and computer media can be destroyed in just minutes. As a result, we pass the savings on to you! A new service we also offer is computer hard drive destruction, either ON-SITE or OFF-SITE.”
“ADDNV, Inc. ensures that even small amounts are economical to have destroyed. ADDNV, Inc. encourages our clients to visit the Sparks facility to observe the shredding of your documents. The added bonus with ADDNV, Inc. is that we offer personal service whenever you need it. We can be reached locally and our customers are more than just account numbers in a large franchise.”
Transactions from Hillary for America to American Document Destruction, Inc. were made to the Sparks, Nevada location.
The first payment from the campaign to the destruction company came on Feb. 3 in the amount of $43, Federal Election Commission filings shows.
Two additional payments of $43 and $58 were made on Feb. 21. A fourth payment of $43 was made on March 26, bringing the amount paid to the destruction company to $187.
The Washington Free Beacon contacted American Document Destruction, Inc. to inquire about its rates.
An employee for the company said that it charges $10 per hard drive and $5 per cubic foot of paper. The Clinton campaign could have destroyed 14 hard drives or shredded 37.4 cubic feet of paper at those rates.
The Clinton campaign did not return a request for comment about what documents it paid to have destroyed.

Dr. Burzynski on trial. Cured patient protest

Petition update....

Dr. Burzynski on trial. Cured patient protest...

Supporters and Patients of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski
May 4, 2016 — We are into the second day of hearings. Former patients of Dr Burzynski-- many of whom were once terminal and have been cured for years--have gathered to support our doctor. The case will continue through May 13 in Austin. Please keep this petition going. Share with everyone. Over half a million cancer patients die each year following conventional treatments. Dr Burzynski should have the right to provide cancer treatment that does little or no harm.

U.S.A. bankster 'government' successful programs for the people

Monsanto : Continuing their program to POISON HUMANITY

Monsanto Cancer Milk: 
FOX NEWS Kills Story and Fires Reporters!


Published on Apr 26, 2016

FOX NEWS Reporters (Reporters Steve Wilson & Jane Akre) uncover that most of the Milk in the USA, and across some parts of the world is unfit to drink due to Monsanto Corporation's POSILAC®, which has been proven to be a cancer-causing growth hormone (known in short as "BGH" "BST" or "rBGH"), but they were fired for trying to tell people the truth. QTZ1039

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(Important note: After a long court battle, the Court dismissed the whistle blowers protection for the reporters because the Court stated that there was no law, to force that the NEWS state the truth! FACT! Going on to say the NEWS was no different than other TV shows/reality shows!!)

But the FDA has turned a blind eye once again! If you consumed or fed regular milk to your family today (8/21/08), there is more than a 90% chance that it was from a cow injected with BGH (Bovine somatotropin developed by using recombinant DNA technology). You could be killing or harming your child every time you pour them a glass of milk, the same as pouring them a glass of slow acting poison.

Please take action to ensure our children's safety, for they can not protect themselves. What first alarmed farmers was the massive amount of pus in the milk, but Monsanto and the FDA still had no concerns by stating that the pus was not harmful to be ingested by consumers!

If you have little children, at least feed them certified BGH free Milk, Organic Milk or Organic/BGM free milk equivalent like Organic soy milk.

By: TheHealthWARS
Uploaded on Jan 26, 2012 - Exposing the global corrupt and dangerous 'system' regarding our health!
Their Original Video:

Your Health : Cities With the Most Air Pollution

Cities With the Most Air Pollution Revealed

Effect of Air Pollutants on Health 
Chemistry for All 
The Fuse School

By Dr. Mercola
May 4 2016
At some point in your adult life, you probably either moved from one state to another or considered moving. Was air quality ever a criterion when choosing a city to live in? Probably not.
There are a number of things you likely did consider, such as length of commute from home to job, schools, housing, cost of living, proximity to a geographical location you enjoy or if you knew anyone where you were planning to move.
But air pollution is probably not something that made your list of questions as you considered where to look for a new job. Although unseen and often unrecognized, air pollution plays a big role in your overall health and wellness.
Knowing which cities have the worst ratings, where the pollution originates and what you can do to reduce the effect on yourself and your family will go a long way toward improving the health of your lungs and reducing your risk of specific diseases.

Top Best and Worst Cities for Air Pollution

Just before Earth Day, April 22, 2016, the American Lung Association published its"State of the Air" report. Although the results were more positive than the report released in 2014, more than half of Americans continue to live in areas where they are exposed to unhealthy levels of air pollutants.1
The "State of the Air" reports lower levels of year-round particle and ozone pollution attributed to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Clean Air Act.
In 2015 the EPA revised its standards for particle and ozone pollution, making them stricter. However, there are experts who believe these stricter standards don't go far enough.2 You can probably guess some of the cities in the top 10 areas producing the worst air pollution. 

Los Angeles-Long Beach, CABakersfield, CA
Visalia-Porterville-Hanford, CAFresno-Madera, CA
Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, AZSacramento-Roseville, CA
Modesto-Merced, CADenver-Aurora, CO
Las Vegas-Henderson, NVFort Collins, CO

Six of the top 10 worst cities for air pollution are in California. According to the State of the Air report:
"Los Angeles remains the metropolitan area with the worst ozone pollution, as it has for all but one of the 16 reports. However, Los Angeles reported its best air quality ever in the 'State of the Air' report's history, with the lowest average year-round particles and fewest high-ozone and high-particle days.
 Bakersfield (CA) returned to the top of both lists for most polluted for particle pollution, thanks to worse year-round and short-term exposures."
The top 10 cities with the best air quality rating are:

Farmington, NMCheyenne, WY
Casper, WYKahului-Wailuku-Lahaina, HI
Honolulu, HIBismarck, ND
Elmira-Corning, NYSalinas, CA
Redding-Red Bluff, CAFargo, ND


What's in the Air?

The ratings were based on readings for particulate pollution and ozone in the air. Particulate pollution is also called particulate matter (PM) and is a term describing solid particles and liquid droplets.
Particles like dust, dirt, smoke or soot are large enough to be seen with the naked eye, while other particles are so small you need an electron microscope to see them.
The size of these inhalable particles is usually less than 10 micrometers. To put this in perspective, the diameter of the average hair is 70 micrometers, making your hair 30 times larger than the largest inhalable particulate.
These particles come in different sizes, shapes and sources. Primary PM can be made of hundreds of different chemicals and be from primary or secondary sources. The EPA regulates fine and coarse PM measuring less than 10 micrometers, but not larger particles, such as sand and dust.
Fine particulate matter, that is less than 2.5 micrometers, is responsible for reduced visibility. Because these molecules are so small, they can be inhaled deep into your lungs and even make it into your bloodstream.
Ozone is made up of oxygen molecules that protect our environment when they're located in the upper atmosphere of the Earth. But, when found closer to the Earth in the air we breathe, they present a significant health risk.
This ground level ozone isn't discharged directly into the air, but instead is created when volatile organic compounds and nitrous oxide react in the presence of sunlight.3
Emissions from automobiles and certain types of manufacturing pollution are the primary sources of the volatile organic compounds, the precursors to ozone pollution at ground level. This ozone is the main ingredient in "smog" pollution in larger cities.

What Else Is in the Air?

Although PM and the precursors to ozone pollution are the two largest types of air pollution, several others are monitored by the EPA, including sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and lead.
On-road and off-road vehicles are the primary contributors to carbon monoxide emissions. Sulfur dioxide is released with fuel combustion from electric generators and industrial and residential boilers using coal as the fuel source. Airplanes, industrial process and fuel combustion all contribute to the release of lead-based pollution into the air.
These emissions are not just poisoning the air in the U.S., but are also crossing the border into Canada. Detroit, Michigan is the U.S. home of the automobile industry and continues this industrial tradition today. Just across the Detroit River, east of Detroit, lies Windsor, Ontario.
The major source of air pollution plaguing Michigan and Windsor, Ontario is from sulfur dioxide. In 2013, 33.5 kilotons of sulfur dioxide were released into the air just miles from Windsor. This amounted to almost 15 percent of the total emissions of sulfur dioxide for the entire province of Ontario, and it originated in the U.S.4

Geography Contributes to Air Pollution

Proximity to industrial pollution is not the only geographical contributor to air pollution. Concentrations of pollutants vary over time and space related to topography, environmental conditions and sunlight.
There are a number of different factors contributing to the concentration of PM, ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and lead in the air you breathe. For instance, the brighter the sunlight, the greater the amount of ozone that's produced from the precursors of volatile organic compounds and nitrous oxide.
The greater the speed of the wind, the lower the concentration of smog in the air. Wind direction also controls where the smog is dissipated. Think of mixing a quart of red dye in the ocean. Within a minute, the dye has dispersed and the water no longer looks red. But if you use the same amount of dye in a bathtub, the water continues to appear red because there isn't as much water for the red dye to be diluted.
Just like the dye is diluted in the ocean, air pollutants are quickly diluted in a large airshed, or area not restricted by mountains, valleys and meteorological limitations. When the weather and topography combine to prevent the dispersion of pollution, the air quality is compromised.
Mountains stop the horizontal transport of smog, trapping large amounts of pollutants in valleys. This is demonstrated by the high amount of pollution in the city of Los Angeles, most of which is located in the San Fernando Valley. 

Health Risks Linked to Air Pollution

Air quality is intricately related to your health. Your body needs food, water and air to survive. When one of those necessary components is compromised, it can compromise your health.
Poor outdoor air quality has been linked to stroke, heart disease, and both chronic and acute respiratory diseases, such as asthma or lung cancer. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that outdoor air pollution was responsible for 3.7 million premature deaths worldwide in 2012.5 Approximately 88 percent of those deaths were in low- to middle-income countries. WHO states that air pollution is the "single biggest environmental health risk."
"The risks from air pollution are now far greater than previously thought or understood, particularly for heart disease and strokes,' said Dr. Maria Neira, director of WHO's department for public health, environmental and social determinants of health. 'Few risks have a greater impact on global health today than air pollution; the evidence signals the need for concerted action to clean up the air we all breathe.'"6
The new estimates are not based on rising pollution, but rather on a better understanding of the links between air pollution and disease. A 2008 report from WHO estimated 1.3 million deaths related to pollution, while the 2012 report estimated 3.7 million deaths.7 In 2013, WHO officially classified air pollution as a carcinogen linked to lung cancer and bladder cancer.8 The American Lung Association reports that air pollution may be associated with:9

Developmental delays in childrenPremature deathReproductive health problems
AsthmaIncreased susceptibility to infectionsWheezing and shortness of breath
Lung cancer Lung tissue redness and swellingCardiovascular health concerns


What Can You Do?

Although you might imagine you don't have too much control in reducing air pollution, there are several things you can do to impact your immediate environment, reduce your exposure and change the way large industries pollute the air around you. Each time you use the heat or air conditioning, drive your car or style your hair, you are making choices that affect the quality of the air around you and your neighbors.

Conserve energy at home by turning off lights, computers and digital equipment when not in use.Use energy-efficient light bulbs and appliances.

Limit the amount of driving by carpooling, biking or walking. Condense errands to one trip.
Keep your car well maintained to reduce emissions and avoid excessive idling.
Keep your tires properly inflated to use less gas.Don't buy more cars than you need. Four-wheel drive, engine size, vehicle size and tire size all contribute to the amount of gas you burn with each trip.
Convert your wood-burning fireplace to natural gas or propane.Use a programmable thermostat at home.
Use electric or hand-powered lawn equipment.Run your appliances — such as dishwasher, washing machine and dryer — only when full.
Ask your energy supplier for a home audit to learn how you can reduce your energy usage and save on your energy bill too.Use water-saving devices in your garden; collect rainwater for plants and grow low-water plants.

Compost yard waste instead of burning it; eliminate burning leaves, wood and garbage.
Use compost to reduce weeds and maintain moisture in your garden.
Use water solvent paints.Switch to environmentally safe cleaners for your home and garage to reduce volatile organic compounds released in your home.
Recycle paper, plastic, glass, cardboard and aluminum cans to conserve energy.Lower your water heater thermostat to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
Be an advocate for emission reductions from power plants and strict national vehicle emission standards.