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Seniors  to  be  Hit  with  Age  Tax  on  Healthcare
H.R. 708

When it comes to employment or housing, no one is legally permitted to discriminate based upon skin color, age, sex, sexual orientation or religion. At least that’s what the laws say.  However, try going out and finding a decent paying job when you’re over 55-years of age and you’ll quickly discover that age is a discriminating factor. They get around it by citing other criteria, but it’s obvious that it’s often difficult to just get a consideration or foot in the door if you’re an older person.

Trust, me, I know. It’s also possible to be discriminated against for one’s religious beliefs in the job market, yet once again, employers find another way of explaining why you were suddenly rejected.  (muslim - yes; Christian - no)

Some years ago, I applied for an online teaching position as a college biology instructor. I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Wildlife/Fisheries Management and Master’s Degree in Biology, with my field of study being population genetics. Everything was looking good for the online instructor’s position until the college realized I am a young-earth creationist, and then suddenly I was rejected and told the position was already filled.

Back to age discrimination. Although it’s illegal to discriminate based on age, it’s a common practice in many areas of life. Senior citizens often get discounts at restaurants and other places that younger people do not get. Children also get discounts based upon their age.

So, when exactly is age discrimination legal and when is it illegal?

That’s a question we need to be asking our people in Congress, based on a report from Fox Business:
“As GOP lawmakers work toward creating a just-right “repeal and replace” plan for Obamacare, some legislation being introduced has touched a nerve for AARP and older Americans.”
“In a letter to the Chairman and Ranking member of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee, AARP Senior Vice President Joyce Rogers lashed out against the recently introduced State Age Rating Flexibility Act of 2017, legislation that would allow insurers to charge older Americans significantly more for health insurance.”  (?? The very ones who can LEAST AFFORD this!)
“‘This legislation has a simple explanation — it would be an age tax — charging older Americans not yet eligible for Medicare a penalty of five times what others must pay for health insurance. The term ‘age rating’ is Washington-speak for overcharging older Americans by thousands of dollars for their health care,’” AARP Executive Vice President Nancy LeaMond told FOX Business.”  (HOW do 'they' expect these people to pay such ridiculous unfair and illegal 'taxes'?  OR, will the decision turn out to be to MURDER seniors - said by the leftists to be 'useless eaters'?)
“Under the ACA, insurers can charge its oldest enrollees up to three times as much as the youngest adult enrollees. The new proposal would change the age rating ratio to 5:1 or even higher. According to a new study from AARP’s Public Policy Institute conducted by the independent actuarial firm Milliman, under this proposal, on average, adults age 60 and older would see their insurance bills go up by $3,200 — making their average annual premium a whopping $17,900!!!”  (Most seniors don't even get that much returned to them of the Social Security taxes that were extorted illegally out of their pay during the years. So HOW are they to pay for $17,900 annually in health insurance coverage?)
Notice that this bill is not being sponsored or introduced by Democrats, but by Republicans, which claim to be friends and protectors of senior citizens. (Remember, there are those in the Republi-CON party who are outright TRAITORS - who actually side with and serve the left and do NOT subscribe to the foundational principlas of the Republican party. They are in the Repub part ONLY to thwart the power and the plans of the TRUE Repub party - i.e., McCain, Ryan, McConnell and many others.)

We are encouraging all Americans to call their representatives in Congress at 844-617-2688 and urge them to oppose H.R. 708, the bill that would allow insurance companies to charge 50- to 64-year-olds thousands of dollars more for their health care. Remind Congress they should be standing up for their constituents, not insurance companies. You can also send a message to your Representative by going to the following website .

Many senior citizens live on fixed incomes and can ill afford such a drastic increase in any part of their budget, let alone healthcare. You can be certain that their pensions, retirement funds and Social Security won’t be increased enough to compensate for the higher cost of healthcare. If passed, it will surely lead to a number of senior citizens faced with the difficult decision of paying for the ‘age tax’ increase or eating or paying for a roof over their heads. The end result will mean more seniors dying sooner, or becoming destitute and a burden on others. (Precisely the 'plan'; insurance premiums way too high for even the well-to-do average senior to be able to afford, and "death angels" - selective bedside executions - under Obamacare not disclosed to the public.)

Please, Please, Please contact your Senator and Representative in Washington DC and insist that they vote against the age tax bill!

If you are not yet a senior, your day will come soon enough and THEN what will you do? Will it take your having to suffer under the same laws which you allowed to be 'passed', adversely affecting today's SENIORS THAT YOU DIDN'T CARE ABOUT?



When James Madison left New York for Philadelphia on May 2nd, 1787 he carried with him not the proposed amendments to the Articles of Confederation which was the mandate of the convention but an entirely new idea for a constitution that would make the “National” government supreme with the states nothing but subdivisions of the central government structure. His proposal would grant the national government veto power over all state laws. Madison’s plan was totally contrary to the results of the recent war with England which gave primary power to the states with the central government only allowed the powers the states saw fit to provide. Madison’s plan called for a consolidated union that would virtually annihilate the states. The states would only be maintained as long as they could be “subordinately useful.”
In opposition to this proposed form of government, New York delegate John Lansing would most astutely observe that the states would never have consented to select delegates to attend a convention that would lead to their destruction.
So, why is this of any importance? Simply because the Nationalist form of government which would allow a strong central government to act directly on the people, ironically what our government of today has become, was completely rejected by the delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1787.
Unfortunately for Liberty, the form of government rejected at the convention is now seen as supreme by the overwhelming majority of people in office; people running for office; all judges regardless of position in government; all of the bureaucrats and a huge majority of people in this country.
So-called “conservative” elected officials have been heard to state “no law is unconstitutional until the Supreme Court says it is.” A “conservative” candidate for US Senate was recently heard to remark that whatever the US Supreme Court rules must be considered as gospel. This is a complete repudiation of the rights of states to determine what is best for their own citizens and therefore a repudiation of the principles of Jefferson and an advocacy of the principles found in Hitler’s Mein Kampf which revolved around destruction of the individual states.
On the subject of the Supreme Court being the final arbiter of what is and what is not constitutional, Jefferson stated the following:
“…(T)he opinion which gives to the judges the right to decide what laws are constitutional and what not, not only for themselves in their own sphere of action but for the Legislature and Executive also in their spheres, would make the Judiciary a despotic branch.”
Giving the Supreme Court the power to judge what is and what is not constitutional, not only the federal level but also on the state level, destroys the very intent of the 9th and 10th Amendments. In other words, the Supreme Court Justices and other lesser federal judges have set about to amend our Constitution by judicial fiat.
On this subject George Mason would state the following at the Virginia State Ratifying Convention:
“If the laws and constitution of the general government, as expressly said, be paramount to those of any state, are not those rights with which we were afraid to trust our own citizens annulled and given up to the general government? . . . If they are not given up, where are they secured?
I do not believe the subject can be any clearer that when the “national” government supersedes those of the states, Liberty soon becomes first endangered and finally extinct.
So, how is this connected to Adolf Hitler you ask? The answer can be found on page 572 of Hitler’s magnum opus, Mein Kampf.  While lamenting that Bismarck had not gone far enough in destroying state’s rights in Germany, Hitler said:
"And so today this state, for the sake of its own existence, is obliged to curtail the sovereign rights of the individual provinces more and more, not only out of general material considerations but from ideal considerations as well…basic for us National Socialists is derived: A powerful national Reich . . ."
Are you beginning to see a pattern here? James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and the other nationalists among our founders believed that to have an omnipotent central government, the power of the individual states must be eliminated. Accomplishing this would lead to the destruction of the Declaration of Independence concept of “consent of the governed,” a concept vital to the existence of Liberty and Natural Rights.
Abraham Lincoln initiated a war to destroy the concepts of State’s Rights and consent of the governed, killing over 800,000 Americans and replacing the government based on consent with a strong central government ruled by a cabal unrestrained with the limits of a constitution.
Lincoln was praised by Karl Marx for his accomplishments and Adolf Hitler used Lincoln’s premise for an omnipotent central government to establish his National Socialist empire that led to the deaths of millions; some in furnaces and by firing squad to millions more on the battlefields of WWII.
The candidates, politicians and all members of the species Ignoramus Americanus who claim that decrees of the Supreme Court are infallible and constitute immutable law adhere to the beliefs of some of the most evil, murderous tyrants in history and should be treated as the enemies to Liberty that they are.
Contrast please the diametrically opposed concepts of Adolf Hitler and Thomas Jefferson.
“National Socialism as a matter of principle, must lay claim to the right to force its principles on the whole German nation without consideration of previous federated state boundaries, and to educate in its ideas and conceptions. Just as the churches do not feel bound and limited by political boundaries, no more does the National Socialist idea feel limited by the individual state territories of our fatherland. The National Socialist doctrine is not the servant of individual federated states, but shall some day become the master of the German nation. It must determine and reorder the life of a people, and must, therefore, imperiously claim the right to pass over [state] boundaries drawn by a development we have rejected.” ~Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf, p. 578
“That the several States composing, the United States of America, are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to their general government; but that, by a compact under the style and title of a Constitution for the United States, and of amendments thereto, they constituted a general government for special purposes—delegated to that government certain definite powers, reserving, each State to itself, the residuary mass of right to their own self-government; and that whensoever the general government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force: that to this compact each State acceded as a State, and is an integral part, its co-States forming, as to itself, the other party: that the government created by this compact was not made the exclusive or final judge of the extent of the powers delegated to itself; since that would have made its discretion, and not the Constitution, the measure of its powers; but that, as in all other cases of compact among powers having no common judge, each party has an equal right to judge for itself, as well of infractions as of the mode and measure of redress.” ~Thomas Jefferson, Kentucky Resolution, 10 November 1798
As you read the two above quotes you must ask yourself: “Which of the two most closely resembles the government we have today, supported by candidates and politicians who claim the federal government and its attendant bureaucracies and decrees of the US Supreme Court to be gospel?”
Would it suffice to say that as the power of the individual states and the people are concerned, so goes Freedom and Liberty?
Who do you choose; Jefferson or Hitler?


Trump Supporters Rally In Downtown Atlanta With Semi-Automatic Weapons

As Trump was preparing to address an audience in Florida on Saturday afternoon, in a speech which Reuters summarized as "returning to the campaign trail to attack the media again and tout his accomplishments in the friendly atmosphere of a rally with supporters", a group of supporters gathered for a pro-President Trump rally in downtown Atlanta armed with semi-automatic weapons.
The crowd met at Centennial Olympic Park. Those there told Channel 2 Action News that they are part of an area militia group, III% Security Force, which was also serving as security for the event.

As WSB-TV reports, members of the militia group said they were there to protect President Trump supporters. 
"We're using our second amendment rights to protect the first amendment rights," Chris Hill said.
"Throughout the day we're going to have more people, more Trump supporters come to this corner, showing their support for President Trump. We are going to make sure that these people are safe and have the right to have their voices heard without fear of violence or intimidation from any opposing groups." 
Hill said he has seen counter-protesters circling the block, but he and his group want to make sure things stay peaceful. 
"We want to make it known that this is a peaceful event and we're going to do everything in our power to make sure that remains the case," he said. Hill said he expected 20 to 30 people to show up for the rally. He said a permit is required if there are more than 35 people, but he did not think that would be the case.
There were no reports of any confrontations or violence during the rally.
In an interview on its website with one of its founding members, the "Three Percenter" militia explains that it is "is comprised of men and women as citizens in esch state which come together to form a chapter.  Each chapter is classified as being part of the “Unorganized Militia,” we are officially a civilian volunteer organization.
We will come to the defense of public and private property, lives, and liberty to exercise God-given rights, seen plainly in the laws of Nature, and codified in the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.

All local laws (not in violation of the U.S. Constitution and/or State Constitutions) shall be observed by members of III%SF. Each and every member and personnel within III%SF shall always conduct himself/herself with professional aptitude, integrity, and respect of others at all times. III%SF and its members shall not and will not ever cause or create any attempt to attack or overthrow any local, state, or federal department. We will never advocate or promote violence towards any organizations, groups, or persons.

GSF III% has a zero tolerance policy regarding racial discrimination.  The Constitution says a militia is necessary for the security of the free state.  The State of Georgia says  the militia is comprised of all males between 17 and 45 and physically capable of acting in our common defense.
A video showcasing the group is shown below.

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Anderson Cooper - the truth

Pablo Escobar’s Son Reveals His Dad “Worked for the CIA Selling Cocaine” — Media Silent

Image result for pablo escobar 
Juan Pablo Escobar Henao, son of notorious Medellín cartel drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar, now says his father “worked for the CIA.”
In a new book, “Pablo Escobar In Fraganti,” Escobar, who lives under the pseudonym, Juan Sebastián Marroquín, explains his “father worked for the CIA selling cocaine to finance the fight against Communism in Central America.”
“The drug business is very different than what we dreamed,” he continues. “What the CIA was doing was buying the controls to get the drug into their country and getting a wonderful deal.”
“He did not make the money alone,” Marroquín elaborated in an interview, “but with US agencies that allowed him access to this money. He had direct relations with the CIA.”
Notably, Marroquín added, “the person who sold the most drugs to the CIA was Pablo Escobar.”
Where his first book primarily covered Escobar, the man as a father, Marroquín’s second — which has just been released in Argentina — delves into the kingpin’s “international ties of corruption in which my father had an active participation, among them with the American CIA,” he said in a recent interview.
Those government associates “were practically his partners,” which allowed Escobar to defy the law, and gave him nearly the same power as a government.
Predictably, this information is conveniently absent from media headlines in America.
If the CIA trafficking cocaine into the United States sounds like some tin foil conspiracy theory, think again. Their alleged role in the drug trade was exposed in 1996 in an explosive investigative series “Dark Alliance” by Gary Webb for the San Jose Mercury News. The investigation, headed up by Webb revealed ties between the CIA, Nicaraguan contras and the crack cocaine trade ravaging African-American communities.
The investigation provoked massive protests and congressional hearings, as well as overt backlash from the mainstream media to discredit Webb’s reporting. However, decades later, officials would come forward to back Webb’s original investigation up.
Then-senator John Kerry even released a detailed report claiming that not only was there “considerable evidence” linking the Contra effort to trafficking of drugs and weapons — but that the U.S. government knew about it.
El Patron, as Escobar came to be known, amassed more wealth than almost any drug dealer in history — at one point raking in around $420 million a week in revenue — and reportedly supplied about 80 percent of the world’s cocaine. Escobar landed on Forbes’ list of international billionaires for seven straight years, and — though the nature of the business makes acquiring solid numbers impossible — his estimated worth was around $30 billion.
Escobar and the Medellín cartel smuggled 15 tons of cocaine into the U.S. — every day — and left a trail of thousands of dead bodies to do so.
“It was a nine-hundred-mile run from the north coast of Colombia and was simply wide-open,” journalist Ioan Grillo wrote in the book, “El Narco: Inside Mexico’s Criminal Insurgency.” “The Colombians and their American counterparts would airdrop loads of blow out to sea, from where it would be rushed ashore in speedboats, or even fly it right onto the Florida mainland and let it crash down in the countryside.”
If what Marroquín reveals in the new book is, indeed, true, it would mean the CIA played a major role in ensuring Americans had access to boundless quantities of cocaine — while the U.S. government sanctimoniously railed against drugs to promote the drug war.
In fact, as Marroquín keenly observes, drug prohibition makes for the best pro-drug propaganda — the nature of something being illegal naturally gives it greater appeal.
That prohibition guaranteed Escobar’s bloody reign would be all the more violent. Marroquín now believes “his path of healing is reconciliation with the relatives of those whom his father ordered to kill.”
While Escobar certainly used violence, or ordered others to use violence, to effectively foment and maintain power, he wasn’t without a charitable bone in his body. As Business Insider notes, “He was nicknamed ‘Robin Hood’ after handing out cash to the poor, building housing for the homeless, constructing 70 community soccer fields, and building a zoo.”
El Patron met his fate in 1993 — by gunshot as he attempted to flee after his house was surrounded. However, the circumstances surrounding his death are still being debated today. Marroquín insists his father committed suicide rather than be shot or captured by police forces sent to hunt him down; while others believe Escobar was absolutely slain by police.
Either way, Escobar’s accumulation of wealth could be viewed as incidental to the role he played for the CIA and the war on drugs — a massive hypocrisy serving to keep people hooked on a substance deemed illegal by the State, so the State can then reap the profits generated by courts, prisons, and police work ‘necessary’ to ‘fight’ the ‘war on drugs.’
“My father was a cog in a big business of universal drug trafficking,” Marroquín explains, and when he no longer served a purpose for those using him that way, killers were sent to do away with the problem — the problem so many had a hand in creating.
Marroquín, who only revealed himself as Escobar’s son in 2009, says he’s had to forgive members of his family for their involvement in the drug business and betrayal of his father — but notes that forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting what happened.
But he has measured perspective about the man who brutally ruled the cocaine industry.
“Pablo Escobar is by no means a role model,” he asserts.
“I admire Pablo, my father, who educated me. Not Escobar, the mafioso.”
Marroquín noted drug lords like his father might appear to have everything as their status and name garner attention, but these material gains, in actuality, take control in the end.
“The more power my father had, the poorer he lived.”

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Martial Law is Being Snuck in the Back Door!

Martial Law is Being Snuck in the Back Door!

Published on Feb 17, 2017
Under the guise of illegal immigration they are going to sneak 100,000 troops on the street that would be martial law

Friday, February 17, 2017

"Shadow Government" Within State Department Being FIRED



While Rex Tillerson is on his first overseas trip as Secretary of State, his aides laid off staff at the State Department. 

Much of seventh-floor staff, widely known as the "shadow government" who work for the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources and the Counselor offices, were told today that their services were no longer needed. 

These staffers in particular are often the conduit between the secretary’s office to the country bureaus, where the regional expertise is centered. Inside the State Department, some officials fear that this is a politically-minded purge that cuts out much-needed expertise from the policy-making, rather than simply reorganizing the bureaucracy.

There are clear signals being sent that many key foreign policy portfolios will be controlled directly by the White House, rather than through the professional diplomats. 

Not a single State Department official was included in the White House meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week. Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner - who has  no regional expertise or diplomatic experience -  had a greater role in the meeting than the Senate-confirmed secretary of State.

Rex Tillerson was absent Wednesday but did join Kushner and Netanyahu for dinner the night before.  Acting Deputy Secretary of State Tom Shannon was on the official schedule to take his place but was then shut out of the White House meeting.

In an emailed statement to CBS News, a State Department official explained that the decision to modify the meeting was made at the White House to “allow for a more personal discussion.” That presumably is a reference to the long-standing friendship between Trump, Kushner and Netanyahu. 

That particular incident was disheartening to many State Department officials who hope that Mr. Tillerson - who had a long career as Exxon Mobil’s CEO -  will bring his worldly experience and management to a building that has been demoralized by the Trump administration’s antipathy toward multi-lateralism and cavalier approach to diplomacy.

Two sources also told CBS News that Ambassador Kristie Kenney, the Counselor of the State Department and one of the last remaining senior officials, was informed that she will be let go. She is a career foreign service officer who had served as an ambassador under Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton. Her staff was told that Secretary Tillerson does not intend to fill the counselor’s position any time soon.

While positions are often reshuffled during transitions and those perceived as politically-oriented are moved aside, the departures leave the positions vacant at a time of global instability. 

In Thursday’s presser, President Trump referred to “mass instability overseas, no matter where you look.” “The middle east is a disaster,” he complained. “North Korea - we’ll take care of it folks.  We’re going to take care of it all. I just want to let you know, I inherited a mess.”

"A major part of that mess was the US State Department, which completely disregards the needs, wants and desires of the American People and, instead, proceeds with a Globalist agenda.  That is now coming to an abrupt end."

Government, Business, And 'Church' “Leaders” In The West Have Blood On Their Hands

Government, Business, And 'Church' “Leaders” In The West Have Blood On Their Hands For Bringing Muslims In By The Boatload While Turning Away Fellow Christians And Letting Them Die At The Hands Of Muslims

Many 'ministries' and organizations proclaim to be 'Christian' while in actuality fronting for satanic and communist organizations working to destroy the united States and Christianity

February 16, 2017 

Muslim immigration to Europe and America is a huge issue right now. Yet while Muslims are being brought in by the literal boatload, government and religious leaders are talking about not helping to bring over Christians from the Middle East, but instead keeping them in the Middle East for attacks against them and to be murdered. They openly admit this, as the article below points out:
Any U.S. policy that would prioritize the resettlement of Christian refugees from Iraq and Syria might help the Islamic State accomplish its goal of pushing historic Christian communities out of their ancient homelands in the Middle East, an Arab Christian leader has warned.
As hundreds of thousands of Syrian and Iraqi Christians have fled from their homes amid rising religious tensions, the ongoing civil war in Syria and the rise of IS (also known as ISIS, ISIL and Daesh), some human rights advocacy groups in the U.S. and President Donald Trump have suggested that persecuted Christians and religious minorities should receive priority from the U.S. government for resettlement and aid.
Trump signed a controversial executive order on Jan. 27 which suspended all U.S. refugee resettlement for 120 days and suspended Syrian refugee resettlement indefinitely. However, the order includes language that calls for persecuted religious minorities to receive priority status on an individual basis when the refugee resettlement continues. Trump also told CBN News after he signed the order that he believes persecuted Christians should be a “priority.”
While some 'Christian' groups, such as World Relief, have come out against any plan to give priority to Christian refugees, other religious freedom advocates have defended a plan to give priority to persecuted religious minorities, including Christians, and have said that it’s somewhat of an American tradition to prioritize persecuted religious minorities facing genocide.
Although resettlement groups and churches in the U.S. and Europe are eager to help Christian refugees from Iraq and Syria start new lives in the West, a number of Iraqi and Syrian Christian leaders have called on native Christians to stay in the region and return to their homes once IS is pushed out of their homelands.
Habib Ephrem, the secretary general of an organization called Gathering of Christians in the Middle East, told Time magazine in a recent interview that “priority visas” are “the wrong message and the wrong policy.”
Ephrem argued that countries that are giving priority to Christian refugees are, in effect, facilitating IS’ eradication of different minority faiths, including Christianity, from the region. (Rather odd to have this opinion being that those that are forced to remain there are exterminated by butchering, hanging, dousing with fuel and burning to death, beheading, acid, and all manner of demonic atrocities. No one is helping them and they remain targeted for extinction while they remain in the Middle East.)
“ISIS expels people from their homeland and then you take them to the West,” Ephrem, who has lobbied foreign government to stop facilitating the resettling of Christians, said. “So what? You are doing the policy of ISIS?” (Ephrem has the situation backwards. ISIS commits genocide against all, INCLUDING muslims. Christians are NOT given priority to leave but, instead, are prioritized for extinction in the Middle East.)
As Time reports, “The U.S. does not give Christian refugees priority … but in the past countries including Poland and Slovakia have indicated they would give preference to Christian refugees, and France has also previously offered to host Christians that fled ISIS. Other countries, like Canada, offer private sponsorship programs and are often used by churches to bring their brethren to the country.”
Although towns in Iraq and Syria are listed throughout the Bible, Christian communities that have existed in those nations for over 2,000 years have, in a sense, disappeared. (been exterminated)

In Iraq, for example, there were over 1.4 million Christians before the U.S. invasion in 2003. Over a decade later and after Christians in Northern Iraq were forced to convert, die or leave, the Christian population in Iraq was estimated to be at about 275,000 in March 2016, according to an extensive genocide report submitted to the State Department by the Catholic fraternal organization Knights of Columbus.
In Syria, Christians accounted for about 10 percent of the pre-war population. But considering that an estimated 11 million Syrians have fled their homes since 2011, it’s hard to tell how many Christians remain. The Chaldean bishop of Aleppo estimated last March that about two-thirds of the 1.5 million Syrian Christians have been killed or fled their homes.
Although some Christian leaders are calling on Iraqi and Syrian Christians to return to their homes, there are many displaced Christians who no longer have trust in the region.
Even if IS is cleared from their homelands, many Christians fear they will still be persecuted in a post-IS era, considering that it was their own neighbors who betrayed them to IS.
Additionally, homes and churches have been destroyed and many religious minority families don’t have the money to fix the damages.
Many displaced Christians from Iraq and Syria have migrated to Kurdistan where they are protected by the Kurdish government. Others are living as refugees in neighboring countries like Jordan, Lebanon or Turkey. (source)
A week ago, Rescue Christians Director Keith Davies reported about his trip to Hungary asking for help in relocating Christians refugees where, to his shock and disappointment, his presentation was met with deaf ears because a conclusion was already reached and settled upon by event organizers. In fact, he concluded that he was just invited to give the impression that Hungary was going to do something to help the Christians without actually doing anything at all to help them, but just to keep them in the Middle East:
"We submitted a petition to the government requesting emergency assistance to 25 Pakistani Christian families in Bangkok needing a safe haven. It is two weeks and we have received no response to our petition. The Hungarian government has been pressured by the EU to take Muslim refugees and they have refused but have indicated they are willing to help the Christians instead. This is a bare face lie! The Hungarian government is playing political games to avoid helping anyone. They have no interest in helping Christians, they as per the usual politicians, they talk a good game but there is no real action as to what is actually needed to alleviate the suffering of the persecuted. (source)
It is sad and disturbing that it seems Hungary, which has made itself a veritable “champion” against the European Union’s destructive immigration policies as well as against Islam, just revealed that it is doing so for show

It is not good to see what is gross evil and refuse to do anything about it. This is wrong. However, it is even more wrong to see the same evil and then pretend to do something about it because you want to look like you care when the reality is you are doing nothing because you don’t care.

However, Keith raises a greater point here about the situation of Christianity in the Middle East.  Christianity has already been exterminated through not just the population displacements, but the total destruction of their communities. The Christian communities of the Middle East were already in decline, but the American-backed ISIS terrorists drastically hastened what was already taking place. 

It is one thing to build a church or two and put people back into their communities, but this is just the first part. These communities have to be rebuilt from the ground up. This means homes, businesses, and economic and social networks which come about naturally and once they are gone they have to regrow naturally - no amount of money can instantly, or even in a short amount of time, replace that which was destroyed. 

Just as Christianity is supposed to be an entire way of life the guides the entire conduct of a person, communities cannot just have one institution rebuilt and expect the others to follow suit right along with it, for what you will end up with is essentially a colony that only can survive on external support and once that support is gone it will collapse.
Prior to the American invasion of Iraq in 2003, many of Iraq’s Christians had already left and were leaving for the West and other parts of the world because they knew there was no future where they were. That was almost 15 years ago, and everybody knows that things in Iraq have only become drastically worse for everybody, Christian or not. If there was no future then, there is certainly no future there now.

Turkish President and Sultan Aspirant Erdogan

Then there is the issue of Turkey, which is a growing and a dangerous power that has a long history of murdering Christians. Right now, as Keith pointed out, there are nearly half a million Christians sitting in refugee camps throughout the Middle East. Basically, they are sitting ducks right now. If ISIS and other terrorists are dangerous enough, then the fact the Turkey is rising again and rapidly should be of real concern simply because of what happened in 1917. If that is what the Turks did to Christians living in and around its borders, and if history is any guide, then these Christians are living on borrowed time until Turkey becomes powerful enough that it flexes its military muscles and “finishes the job” it started in 1917.

A Turkish official teasing starving Armenian children during the 1917 genocide with a piece of bread. This is the kind of evil that will befall the Christians of the Middle East once again if it is not stopped now, and the way to stop it is to help these people get to a safe place.

The idea that Christianity in the Middle East pre-2003 is going to come back stronger than it was before is a pipe dream. Again, one must have hope and miracles do happen, but the fact is that Christians are real refugees, having suffered and continuing to suffer at the hands of Muslims and who will die unless something is done to help them. Leaving them in their “native lands” is basically asking them to commit suicide because they have no way of supporting themselves and no way to rebuild what was destroyed and, if that was not bad enough and even if they did make improvements, their neighbor to the north in Turkey is patiently biding its time until it has enough power to wipe out these same Christians.

Those who are saying that these Christians should stay in the Middle East are veritably asking for their deaths. It does not matter what sect you are.  It does not matter what one would like to have happen with the future of Christianity in Middle East because the future is NOW. The situation, sad as it is, is what it is. 

Right now, as far as any kind of humanitarian outreach goes, the goal must be on preserving what remains of that society through the people. Buildings can be replaced, businesses restored, and lives put back together, but people not so.  Indeed, the greatest treasure that we have as Christians is each other, and our first goal is to protect that treasure at all costs.

Just to put everything in perspective, I did a story about this entire charity scam that is going on back in December 2016.  I wrote how major companies, NGOs, and charities were being paid huge sums of money to bring Muslims in, and that it is possibly the biggest scandal in modern times. One refugee rescue organization, GEFIRA, tracked and actually made a video showing the trafficking that is taking place in real time:
People in the West have known for years that their governments have betrayed their trust. But in a new scandal just uncovered in what is looking like one of the biggest betrayals of trust in Western history.
Gefira, a company that specializes in European political analysis, has outed a huge scandal.  There is an active collusion between dozens of major companies, NGOs, and humanitarian organizations doing the European Union’s dirty work by providing direct transportation for the millions of Muslim invaders into Europe and they are all being funded by your tax dollars and charitable organizations.
The list of organizations is formidable. These are not just obscure entities, but major organizations such as Doctors Without Borders and Save The Children. A cadre of nations are involved including not just European nations such as Germany, Italy, and Holland, but also nations such as Belize, the Marshall Islands, and Panama, and there are even some boats who act as veritable pirates, providing no identifying information in direct violation of international laws of the sea.
This is possibly the biggest human trafficking operation in modern history taking place right before our eyes. The very governments meant to protect the people the claim to represent along with like companies also who say their goals are to look out for the good of their societies have sold their souls for money and are destroying their own nations for the almighty pursuit of an easy profit.
 People Trafficking 

Published on Dec 3, 2016
For two months, using, we have monitored movements of ships owned by NGOs, and we have kept track of the arrivals of African immigrants.
For more information:
NGOs Armada operating off the coast of Libya
The Americans from MOAS ferry migrants to Europe
Caught in the act: NGOs deal in migrant smuggling
Death road to Europe promoted on the web

This whole situation is rotten. This whole refugee crisis is about making a profit off of the deaths of people like you and I, and as long as somebody is getting paid, the entire accursed scam is going to continue and when actual blood does start flowing, like a bunch of cockroaches scattering underneath a bright light these same folk who refused to deal with the reality of the situation will start looking for excuses instead of making penance for their actions.
Almost nobody cares about the suffering Christians for the same reason they care so much about the Muslims that are being brought in. It is all about earning praise in the eyes of men and making money through power games while real people, the actual treasure in the eyes of God, are pushed away, left to suffer in a wasteland of no future and ultimately to die alone at the hands of Muslims with no grave to mark their bodies and no man to hear their screams for help.
Country singer Kenny Rogers once said in his famous song “The Gambler”- “you gotta know when to hold ’em, known when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, and know when to run.”
Based on our experience at Rescue Christians, now is the time to fold up this chapter of Christian history in Iraq and neighboring lands and help these Christians in the Middle East walk away before they have to run, if they can even escape at that point.






A new study has added significant weight to President Donald Trump’s claims on mass voter fraud in the 2016 general election.

A new report has concluded there could have been up to 2.1 million non-citizens that illegally cast a ballot last year — a startling number that backs up Trump’s claim that he won the popular vote.

The analysis was done by James D. Agresti from the independent think-tank Just Facts, which concluded “Contrary to the claims of certain major media outlets and fact checkers, a comprehensive analysis of this issue shows that substantial numbers of non-citizens vote illegally in U.S. elections.”

The Horn News reported in January that a previous Dartmouth University study found more than 834,000 votes for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton were cast illegally.

Additionally, in December of last year a massive voter fraud scheme was uncovered during the Michigan recount that included dozens of instances of people voting twice.

Last Sunday, Presidential adviser Stephen Miller also warned about an illegal voter fraud scheme that is suspected to have taken place in New Hampshire.

And during the election, hidden camera footage caught Democratic party members plotting a massive voter fraud scheme, while multiple reports of dead voters illegally casting ballots and evidence of voting machine tampering surfaced all across the country.

It’s an issue the mainstream media doesn’t want Americans talking about.

But the more evidence that surfaces, the more clear an urgent investigation is needed.

It’s time Americans demand the Trump administration look into these claims once and for all.  

— The Horn editorial team

Satanic ritual leaves half-naked teen girl dead

Satanic ritual leaves half-naked teen girl dead

Three teenagers have been arrested as suspects in the brutal murder of an innocent 15-year-old. A case that police sources revealed to likely of been a satanic ritual.

Jessica Valeria was found dead, half-naked, with a wooden broomstick through her right eye in Torreon, Northern Mexico last Saturday, The Sun reported.
Her body was discovered in a garden behind a house in a suburban area of Herta de la Joya. While police reported there was no sign of sexual abuse, Valeria was wearing only a shirt.
The three suspects are 17 years old, two boys and one girl.
The fatal blow was reportedly, “forceful with violence,” and other markings on her body suggest satanism as a motive.
A few months prior, three friends were suspected of killing a restaurant worker while allegedly attempting to turn him into a vampire.
The scariest part: this isn’t the first satanic act to shock northern Mexico.

In September of 2016, a pit bull was found hanged by a cult.

In fact, one expert warned that devil worship is nothing new in Mexico, and many satanists have a fixation with vampires.

-The Horn News editorial team