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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Report: Rex Tillerson tells UN Human Rights Council to reform or US is leaving

Scoop: Rex Tillerson puts UN Human Rights Council on notice: Reform or we're leaving http://foreignpolicy.com/2017/03/14/tillerson-to-u-n-rights-council-reform-or-were-leaving/  New piece by @columlynch and me

Photo published for Tillerson To U.N. Rights Council: Reform or We’re Leaving

Tillerson To U.N. Rights Council: Reform or We’re Leaving

The Trump administration puts the human rights body on notice in a letter obtained by FP.  
Foreign Policy reports:
The correspondence, obtained by Foreign Policy, explains the Trump administration’s rationale for considering a departure from the 47-member organization. An immediate withdrawal from the Council, however, is not imminent, multiple State Department aides told FP. The Council has a small window of time to redeem itself in the eyes of Washington.

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The Trump admin. is threatening to leave the UN Human Rights Council unless it undertakes "considerable reform" http://atfp.co/2lXuQxg 
Also on Tuesday President Trump met with Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, with his Arabic-speaking aide seated at the head of the table:

View image on Twitter Kevin Liptak @Kevinliptakcnn
Dina Powell, the Arabic-speaking top Trump aide, is seated at the head of the table in his lunch with the Saudi Deputy Crown Prince


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