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Saturday, March 18, 2017

the same people who are trying to destroy Donald Trump

Special Request: Japanese government is trying to murder me

By Benjamin Fulford
By GPD on March 16, 2017

The Japanese government has made repeated attempts to kill me. The best documented event took place in June of 2009 when an agent by the name of Mutsuaki Okubo stabbed me with a poisoned needle in front of multiple witnesses.

When I went to the Japanese police they refused to take any action on the matter. Further research showed me that Okubo works for Japanese politician Ichiro Ozawa.

Japanese Finance Minister Tara Aso

Now the Japanese authorities are seizing 100% of my income. The want me to pay over 10 million yen ($100,000) for 7 years payroll taxes for people who sub-contracted for me. However, all those people paid their taxes so this is completely bogus. I have also been paying my taxes.

Last year I paid over 2 million yen ($20,000) in taxes and had an after tax income of 3.7 million yen. So, the Japanese tax authorities are saying I will have zero income for the next 3 years so that I can pay off this bogus bill.

The current 100% seizure came after US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visited Japan. Tillerson worked for Exxon Mobil so he is a Rockefeller slave. The top Rockefeller agent in Japan is a man called Hiroaki Fushimi, who also works for Exxon Mobil. Fushimi ordered Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso to order the seizure of my bank account. 

David Rockefeller II

Aso also takes orders from the French branch of the Rothschild family. The low ranking bureaucratic dupe who carried out the orders is Rieko Shinohara. 

Her phone number is 81-3-3542-2111 extension 3447. My entire paypal income is being garnisheed by her orders.
This means me and my staff of 3 will have zero income for the rest of this year at the very least.

The Rockefellers are also now trying to send 2 trillion fraudulently created Japanese yen from the World Bank to the Bank of Japan, according to Japanese royal family sources. 

Ichiro Ozawa (file photo)

This money is to be used to make Ichiro Ozawa Prime Minister of Japan, the sources say. 

The current Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, has begun to disobey orders and that is why they are exposing his scandals to prepare the way for Ozawa.

These are the same people who are trying to destroy Donald Trump. Enough is enough, these people need to be stopped. 

The current head of the Rockefeller clan is David Rockefeller Jr.



  1. Fulford's insanity is finally showing the shill that he is. There is nothing in the article about anyone trying to kill him as the headline would have you believe. If Fulford is not spewing his usual lies, they are only trying to collect taxes, not kill him. There is no reason for anyone to want to kill him because he does not tell anything new that he does not steal from other sources and throw in some of his own fantasies. All to make it appear as if he is some sort of high priest we all need to be listening to. All he has to do to stop it is order his 1000 ninjas to take out the cabal and everything will be peachy.

    1. When you choose to hide yourself as Anonymous any point you make has zero credibility to me. Curaetor

  2. Just because Tillerson worked for Exxon, doesn't mean he had ANYTHING to do with the action that came against him..no proof is shown that Tillerson is "faithful to the cabal either..Alot of things he has "reported" from so called "sources" have been extremely dubious over time and I don't appreciate him casting more doubt on one of President Trump's cabinet